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With many many Thanks to:

Mary Everhart ~ Blues Hall of Famer

Bill Mackechnie of Anubis Spire

Amir Bayyan of “Kool and The Gang”

Erdal Kizilcay of David Bowie’s “Glass Spider Band”

Mickey Flynn ~ A Taste Of The Blues

Jimmy Whip ~ The Jimmy Whip Project

Fred Gorhau of Exxplorer and The Wizards Of Winter

Tim Costley of Anubis Spire

Leo Goff ~ The list of greats Leo has either stood beside on stage or recorded with is truly impressive. Buddy Miles, Jeff Beck, Jerry Lee Lewis, Muddy Water's Guitarist Bob Margolin, Blues great T-Bone Walker, The Coasters, Little Milton and Ronnie Milsap and Bluesman PineTop Perkins just to name few.

Stacey Steel ~ Esteemed Country Artist

Randy McCormick of the Randy Stephens Band

Mark Cloutier of The Double Barrel Blues Band – and teacher extraordinaire

CowboyDave Bayless ~ plays in HELLSOUTH a houston based rock/metal band... They have jammed with Drowning Pool, Saliva, Crowbar, ZZ Top, Skynyrd, God Smack and many more!

David Ray Reed ~ Grammy Winner

Doug Fergus ~ Naked in public - Doug and his group Recently opened for Cyndi Lauper. Naked in public was recorded and produced by multi Gold and Platinum producer Sylvia Massy (Prince, Tom Petty, Tool, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers) at her Radio Star Studios.

Thomas Earl of The Oxford Station

Ricky Parish of The Blues Gypsies ~ In 1999, in a chance meeting, Ricky was introduced to Diane Hooker-Roan. Daughter of Blues Legend John Lee Hooker. Ricky was invited to perform with John Lee in Phoenix, AZ. That performance gave way to many opportunities for Ricky. He was a featured guitarist with John lee Hooker until John's untimely death in 2001.

Ian Mackechnie ~ The Klopeks

Mike Perlowin ~ Steel Guitar extraordinaire

Marlon Kempman of Anubis Spire, Dr. Memory

The Spider Murphy Gang ~ One of Germany’s most Famous Rock groups.

Byron Clark ~ Award winning Christian Singer/ Songwriter

Cheer up Charlie ~ they have played several “World Youth Day” events each with over 600,000 in attendance. Of those events the favorite of the band was “World Youth Day” in Rome Italy 2000, in which over 3,000,000 were in attendance, as well as the privilege of playing for the Pope John Paul II.

Trent Scholl ~ The RB5500 is the best bass I've ever played. The 5 string neck thru construction of this bass gives it extreme sustain and ultimate low B clarity. I am estatic about this bass! I play in a professional blues band but have been playing part time in a country band.

Jon Way ~ began working professionally in the 1970's. Playing in bands throughout the Boston area and also Reviews Guitars Online.

Swammp Gass


Saint Jinn

The Trist

Jeff Seehafer

Elaine Frizzel ~ Elaine Started playing guitar at the age of nine. Made her first professional appearance with Smokey Rogers at the Bostonia Ballroom in Calif. In 1955. Played on the Monty Hall Show, USO Tours. Appeared at the Foothill Club in Long Beach Calif. KFOX The Squeekin Deacon radio show and the Town Hall Party version on Sunday Mornings. Started recording as a session guitarist in 1959. Worked on shows with performers Molly Bee, Jimmy Boyd, Beverly Wilson, Ect. Worked 1950’s radio show and TV. Shows on KFMB, KFDS, KCBQ, and KFOX which ran variety shows. Also worked personal appearances with artists at the Palamino club, Georges Roundup, Fred Maddox playhouse, Harmony park Ballroom, Cal’s Corral and many other’s in the LA. Area.

Dixie Lizard

The Jeromes


The Symbiosist

Jim Rustemeyer of Anubis Spire, Aardvark Invaders and Artificial Earth- extremely gifted, Jim plays guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboards, programs drums and vocals.

Missing Stateside ~ L.A. GUNS, FOGHAT, GILBY CLARK of GNR and Joan Jett are just a few of the bands that MS has opened for or played with.

Brent Bennett ~ Brent Bennett has been working professionally as a musician for over 20 years, playing in bands in Indiana and California. He has a huge archive of self-composed original music as well as a large repertoire of cover music he has accumulated over the years. He has many sides to his writing, often writing everything from rock to blues and country.

Brent performed with bands in California, playing his original music and opening for such artists as John Waite and Echo and the Bunnymen, before returning to Indiana, where he began teaching guitar at GuitarWorks in Greenwood.

Crying Moon Band

Button Down Runner

Sky Zito

Joe Fortunato of Timeline


Brian Marino of Dropshift

Dueces Wild

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