I won't go into the details about how badly Roger Dietz was hurt in this get-off but it was almost the end of my dad's racing career. ( and of course, more importantly, Rogers life!!!! ).

When my father got to him he had gone into convulsions and was swallowing his tongue. Dad had to take a piece of sagebrush to keep him from swallowing it untill help arrived, which was a long time... Thankfully, by the grace of god, Roger made a full recovery after having to endure emergency brain surgery.

It really shook Dad up and he did'nt ride or race for about three months after the accident. ( Which to him, was an eternity!! ) If anyone called to see if he was going out he told them he was done. It took his good friend, fellow club member and fantastic rider Gary Griffin to come over one evening and give him a good, swift kick in the ass ( talking too ) to get him back out to the desert.

I'll just add one more thing to this...I sure do miss Gary Griffin. He had a great impact on my life growing up in the desert and I'm very Thankful he was my fathers friend.

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