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Like a Phoenix rising from ashes, Cheer up Charlie has arrived bringing a timeless message of love through the medium of music. Comprised mostly by members of the CHR hit-making group Scarecrow and Tinmen, Cheer up Charlie has a proven track record of top 10 hits, sold out shows, and changed lives world-wide.

With an engaging, catchy, and forward thinking ROCK / CHR sound, Cheer up Charlie’s music has been compared to groups like Switchfoot, DC Talk, Smash Mouth, Chevelle, and the Newsboys. “We really try to make music that has a purpose greater than being just another great song” says Bradley DeRosia of Cheer up Charlie. “Our objective is to use the gifts and talents that we have been given to effectively communicate the message of the Gospel in an effort to make positive, lasting changes in the lives of today’s, youth and young adults.” Brad adds. Cheer up Charlie’s previous life as Scarecrow and Tinmen has given them a coffer of experiences that most groups can only imagine. Playing shows all over the globe for over 7 years in full time

Ministry, they have played several “World Youth Day” events each with over 600,000 in attendance. Of those events the favorite of the band was “World Youth Day” in Rome Italy 2000, in which over 3,000,000 were in attendance, as well as the privilege of playing for the Pope John Paul II. Other achievements include many returning visits to Atlanta Fest, Cornerstone(s), Sonshine Fest, NCYC(s), Acquire the Fire(s), and Rock the Universe just to mention a few. The guys have also played and toured with many popular bands ranging from Skillet, to Newsong; the Supertones to Steven Curtis Chapman, and many others. Additionally, they have toured and play over 550 shows, rallies, retreats and festivals in the last 8 years. With over 8 years of full time Ministry experience, the five member group is comprised of Bradley DeRosia (lead vocals), Jon Daws (bass guitar), Jason Kopp (drums), Seth White (guitar), and Greg Polson (guitar). All of the members are experienced, accomplished musicians with a heart for evangelization. “We need to be aware of the particular issues facing this generation so that we can be relevant in the way that this Ministry targets youth.” says Seth White. With their self-titled debut CD to be released in the Winter of 2005, the band is anxious to meet the summer touring season with a focused enthusiasm, and is currently negotiating touring partnerships.

The band has been hard at work on a permanent web site as well. They currently have a temporary site up at Additionally, the band was particularly grateful to have had the opportunity of having Dino Elefante act as a consultant on the debut CD. The high energy shows put on by Cheer up Charlie combine a unique blend of Ministry, music, and hyperactivity that connect with the audience in a lasting way that create a relationship between the group and audience rather than just another “show”. “We really try to be sensitive to the needs of a particular audience. We typically don’t even make “set lists”. The goal is to be open to what God wants to do in an event, rather than us pushing an agenda.” says Bradley DeRosia. “A Cheer up Charlie show is very fun and spontaneous, without sacrificing all of the professionalism that you would normally get with a “to the second” choreographed show.” says Jason Kopp.

Ministry, great music, experience, and controlled hyperactivity are just a few words that might come close to encapsulating the phenomenon known as Cheer up Charlie. “The music is fresh and exciting, and the way that they connect with an audience is truly a cut above.” says Brian Brijbag, President of Masada Entertainment. “I don’t think that there is a Christian event or show that these guys would not be perfect for.” adds Brian. And so, to end with a familiar quote … “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”--- Willy Wonka.

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