Larry raced a 900cc Harley Davidson Sportster in the baja 1000. It was the largest bike to ever enter the event up to that point. The Southern California Harley Davidson dealers association along with Circle Industries sponsored the project. Larry Turned a faster time than Parnelli Jones in his Bronco for the 1st 100 mile paved section of the race that year! Just as Larry was about to hit the 400 miles of desert ahead of him, the rear tire blew out at 100+ mph, and the tread came up and whacked him in the back, Knocking the wind out of him and almost knocking him off the bike. His back was black and blue from top to bottom from the impact!. From There, He limped into the next gas check where his pit crew put a street tire on the bike ( Thats all they had there! ) for the rest of his journey to the halfway point, El Arco.

His Racing Teammate Jack Froelich then took over the Harley, only to have the frame break in half Just before the final section of pavement. Everyone was glad the frame broke while Jack was still in the dirt section of the course. Had he been on the pavement, odds are he would have been doing over 100mph when the frame snapped!! It was a determined ride by both Larry and Jack. They were in contention for a decent finish right up to the end.

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