This was Dad's last Overall win. He was nearly 39 years old and a 4 pack a day smoker when he won this Desert Race that drew over 900 Racers. Larry Hated smoking, and would be the first ( Along with me ) to tell you young kids NOT TO START. SO DON'T!! lol

At the finish of this race, as Larry was just about to bring his boot down on the kick starter and head back to to the Buzzard's Pits, a member of the sponsoring club DESERT MC. yelled out at the top of his lungs "YOUR STILL THE GREATEST LARRY!!".

Everyone who was gathered around the finish clapped like crazy, and let out a thunderous Roar!!, and it will always be a memory that burns in my mind as one of the proudest moments I ever had the pleasure of experiencing as Larry Bergquist's son. He may not have been the greatest anymore.....but that day in 1972 that special crowd and his Dorky young shadow had one last chance to pretend he was. I'll never forget it.

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