Elaine Started playing guitar at the age of nine. Made her first professional appearance with Smokey Rogers at the Bostonia Ballroom in Calif. In 1955. Played on the Monty Hall Show, USO Tours. Appeared at the Foothill Club in Long Beach Calif. KFOX The Squeekin Deacon radio show and the Town Hall Party version on Sunday Mornings. Started recording as a session guitarist in 1959. Worked on shows with performers Molly Bee, Jimmy Boyd, Beverly Wilson, Ect. Worked 1950’s radio show and TV. Shows on KFMB, KFDS, KCBQ, and KFOX which ran variety shows. Also worked personal appearances with artists at the Palamino club, Georges Roundup, Fred Maddox playhouse, Harmony park Ballroom, Cal’s Corral and many other’s in the LA. Area.

Biggest Thrill was playing on the stage at Town Hall Party and the stage at the Grand Old Opry. Both Were as a guest Side musician. Attended college 1961-1968 and returned to playing in 1980. I never sang and was always a guest musician or solo player. Took up Banjo and mandolin, but I admitt guitar is my stongest point. Learned to play with a “Flat Pick” first. By the second year of playing I learned to “Travis Pick”. Watching Joe Maphis do with a flat pick both single note pickin and finger picking I started young enough to learn both, Kind of like learning two different languages. In Recording this Tribute Album to Joe Maphis and Merle Travis I must note We are not trying to replicate their timeless recordings, but to give some of these old songs a new flavor. Therefore, the different arrangements while keeping Joe and Merle’s style. Notes may be arranged in such a form that some devotees may realize right off the bat that cord and structure has been rearranged. That is on purpose, as our intent was to create new different sounds, based on an old theme. There were only one Joe Maphis and Merle Travis, and they did it right the first time!. The Love and admiration I have for Joe and Rose Lee Maphis and Merle Travis transcends words I could ever express.

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