Eric, I love my Raven West 570T. The neck, always a real problem for me, is extremely comfortable. The electronics are straight, to the point, and offer up no aggravating noise. The guitar itself is very solid, and I'm rough on a guitar, but this RWG can take quite a lot of abuse and still remain in tune. You have much to take pride in with the RWG line of guitars. There's style to burn, substance to put a smile on the face of the most jaded player, and tones that alot of folks would spend fortunes to create...

Peace, Jim Rustemeyer, Jim's Artificial Earth Aardvark Invaders Acrylic Prism

Hi Eric! Just wanted to touch base. The 570-T got here just fine, and I've not put it down since receiving it. It is probably the nicest guitar I've ever spent less than about $1,200 or better on. The blem is hardly noticeable. I now own 18 guitars, and am currently playing with Roomful of blues, sitting in for Chris Vashon while he recovers from an Illness and surgery. I have also played with Joe Walsh as well as other notables in the performance an recording industry. The 570-T I initially bid on with the intention of giving it to my son, also a fairly accomplished player. But, He's not gettin' this one! Best Regards, Robby

Thank you kindly, Eric. My guitar arrived today and it is a thing of beauty! The quality and workmanship is excellent and it was very securely packaged and arrived safely.(Even the LA Times newspaper it was packed in was an interesting read!) Very nice action and sounds great...and I didn't expect the guitar-amp lead you snuck in the box; thanks guys! Wish I could leave additional positive feedback on e-bay, but I ran out of space! I hope you can use this as testimony to other buyers in assuring them they will get a SUPERB quality product and world class service. Thanks once again. Chris, London (UK)

Hi Eric, my Lizard Quilt 300 DX arrived in England this morning and it's fantastic - thanks very much indeed. Even in an age where we are all looking for value for money you have exceeded my expectations. It sounds as good as any guitar I've ever played (and I've played the big brands), it plays fantastic straight out of the box, and it has the looks and finish of a custom guitar.

I would unreservedly recommend your instruments and customer service to other potential customers from the UK - even though there is an international delivery charge (which was very reasonable - you even refunded me two dollars!), and I had the pay the UK taxes, I simply could not wish for a better guitar even if I were to double my budget. I have only one regret - I wish I'd bought two! As one of your famous actors once said...I'll be back. (and it won't be for the musical socks in your gift section, it will be for an RG450).

Respect and regards from Nottinghamshire, England.

Russ Whittaker

Hi from the UK, I received the guitar this morning. All I can say is it was well worth the wait. Visually it is stunning. I have a number of other Les Paul's and I was expecting to plug the guitat in a be diaspointed. I was was expecting to have to rip the guts out and replace the pick up's like I have had to do with my Epiphones. I was amazed with the sound of the pick ups. This thing holds it own against seymour duncans. The range of sounds is not far off my Gibson Les Paul which must be saying something. I love the neck, the guitar arived with a nice low aciton and set up nicely (which means I didn't immediately reach for the toolbox) I cant express how much I am impressed with this guitar. On the listing on E-Bay it was listed with blemishes....... where? The thing looks like a custom made guitar which should have cost a hell of a lot more (especially as it's been imported from the USA!!!)

Sorry for the long email but thank you and thank you again for the guitar. It sits like a snarling Godzilla amongst the rest.

Cheers (a very very satisfied customer!! Nigel


I just wanted to let you know that the RS3000X I purchased from you is probably one of the finest guitars I have had the pleasure of playing. I own a several really fine machines, but have found myself picking up this guitar the most. It is truly a joy to play and the sound is great through any amp. I have a couple of friends that play very well, one of them professionally, they agree with me this is one fine instrument. Keep up the good work, your company puts out a truly remarkable product in this line.

Thanks Again -- Curtis

Hi Eric,

The guitar arrived yesterday in perfect condition...it is absolutlely stunning - a real headturner! It also sounds absolutely super - pickups are nice and hot. I think it is time to get back to some shredding. It is a perfect complement to my Aria Pro Tele-Strat - I think I got all the sounds covered now!

The few people who have seen it so far have been knocked out by the woodgrain....definitely one of the coolest looking guitars I have ever seen! Can't wait to lay it on the other bandmembers. Thanks so much.



Hi Eric!

The bass arrived today...

I am a professional bassist and I took a chance on your instrument (and the 6-string to come), but I am stunned at the quality of the instrument - it is awesome.

I have played some real 'top-end' boutique instruments in my time, but this one just beats the hell out of them all for quality and value!

I will leave you top feedback and can't wait to get the 6-string!!!!


All the best,


Hi Eric,

At last British Customs have released the guitar for delivery (after holding it for a week - - where would we be without the red tape merchants? lol) and now it is in my hands I would just like to say just how good this RG 650SP guitar is! Value for money would be an understatement. The quality is superb and the sound it makes even better.

I can say without hesitation that your service has been 1st class from the date of order and I would recommend you to anyone with absolutely no reservations whatsoever.

My sincere thanks to you and your staff for supplying a superb guitar to me, with a cheerful easy and pleasant service, that in my experience is unrivalled!

Kindest regards and many thanks Mike Duro (Dorset, England)


the guitar arrived yesterday, and I'm writing to say just how impressed I am. Deep and resonant, great sustain and _very_ well finished. I've read nothing but raves about your instruments in online reviews - which is why I bought sight unseen and string untouched - and I have to say that everything I've read is wholly justified: I'm a convert. There was a tiny ding by the front pickup and a small stain on the 12th fret wire, but frankly no matter ... it's a better guitar than my 80s Tele (bought from Andy's after a very long afternoon in Denmark Street in London back in the late 90s), or my more recently acquired 'faded' SG, which was another online gamble, a gamble that resulted in several hundred dollars worth of tinder in the shape of a guitar.

I'm not a great one for effusive feedback but I have to say I'm _very_ happy.

Good luck to you - I suspect I'll be back,

Paul Kershaw

The guitar arrived today and I felt the need to tell you that it is essentially everything I wanted. Being left-handed I rarely get to try the guitar I want before I buy/order it so I'd say it turned out pretty well this time. The 770 looks, feels and sounds phenomenal (the sound is comparable to my $2000 Gibson Les Paul). I'd previously owned a 1000Q and it was almost what I was after but this one fits like glove :D Thanks again for the great deal! Denver K.

Testimonial: Nice bass... I bought one from you about a year ago. We have just finished recording our new album 'Circle Of Thorns', (AJ Pero of Twisted Sister solo project). I use a Conklin GT-7 fretted & fretless, but my RavenWest bass is the one on the album. I love this bass. If you go to myspace.com, put in the search bar 'Circle Of Thorns', then in the drop menu to the right, click 'music', and Circle Of Thorns should come up. There are four songs posted right now. Two of them are the Ravenwest bass! They sound great! The song 'Scared' and 'Somethings Wrong' are my Conklin, but 'Lied' and 'Your Yesterdays' are the Raven West bass. In fact, 10 of the 13 songs on the album are the Raven West. I love this bass. If you listen to the songs you'll see the bass sounds great! Thanks, Jimi.

I got the guitar yesterday. Good thing I live in SoCal. Thanks for everything. It is a really nice guitar. I am used to my Jackson V. The tone is really good. The fret board is pretty comfortable & fast. Surprisingly for this type of guitar. I kick on the distortion and it has quite the screaming sustain with lots of overtones. It is quite the guitar. It is comparable for ones that I have looked at for around the 600/700+ range on some brand names. I still need to break it in. I am sure that it will only get better and better. I am also pleased with the "right of of the box" already setup you do. Usually it would take me a few weeks to setup and get a guitar the way I like it. Most impressive. I am shocked that I have never heard of your company til now. I have been playing for like 13+ yrs. Thanks for the quick service. I will be back at some point. I have already told others of your company and my one friend is about to purchase one himself.

Do you guys make all the guitars in CA?



Just wanted to let you know that we received the guitar and cannot get over how beautiful it is! My husband Steve was completely blown away by the quality and the sound of his Carved Top. We went straight from the UPS store (where it was delivered) to the theater and he immediately used it in our show. He has a set up of about 4 different guitars because we have such a wide variety of music in our show, but that night Steve only had one guitar in hand. I laughed when it came time to use his acoustic and he reluctantly set the Raven down.

Needless to say that he's already looking at the RWG catalog (he has his eye on the Lizard Quilt). I myself am looking at the RM300DX model...it's simply gorgeous :o)

I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing from Steve in the very near future...

Thanks Again! Indy D.

Hi Eric,

I just received an RG350 a week ago and have been losing sleep cause I just canít put the darn thing down.

This guitar blows away my Gibson Les Paul. (Look for it on ebay as I donít have any reason to take it out of its case).

This is a BEAUTIFUL instrument. You really nailed the neck on it, fairly thin, very comfortable, easy access to upper frets and lots of precision.

The binding is smooth and flawless. Iíve spent a lot of time looking for my perfect guitar and this is it.

I just canít believe I could get an instrument like this for the price!!!

Thanks for a fantastic instrument!

Rick L.

Dear Eric

Recently I bought a Raven West RG5200NT from your ebay store. The guitar just came in today and all I have to say is wow!!! The playability is perfect, it hasn't gone out of tune yet and i have just been abusing the trem. The pick ups are insanely clear, I could not ask for a better guitar.

Thanks to everyone at Raven West Guitar for making this possible.


Mike P.

Dear Eric,

the RG6900 that I bought from you is absolutely amazing. Everyone who sees it thinks it's custom and is absolutely floored by the beauty of the burled top and the classic look of the fretboard. When I plug it in, everyone stops and listens... the guitar has an amazingly classic rock sound but enough bite to play everything from soft jazz to searing death metal and fit perfectly. The floyd is solid, and the guitar stays in tune no matter how much abuse I load onto it. I even showed it off to my local guitar tech and he was amazed at the quality. He's worked on both of my other RWGs and the 6900 made his day.

I'm going to be doing some gigging this summer, and I'll be bringing all three Ravens with me to each gig - not that I need two backup guitars, it's just that I like showing them off, because the absolute tonal diversity of the 6900 is unrivaled. I can get strat twangs, les paul thickness, soaring leads, chunky rhythms, delicate cleans and everything in between! there is NOTHING this guitar can't do!

Thank you so much for not only making great guitars at unbelievable prices, but thank you for actually taking your customer's feedback and actually applying it to produce wonderful guitars. You've got a customer for life!



Received the RB5000 today. Thanks for the super fast ship! The guitar arrived in great shape. I couldn't resist plugging it in and playing - it really sounds great and the action is perfect. It's amazing the quality that went into it. There are some guitars out of Korea that are really crap. This is one that should be in their training manual on how to do it RIGHT! Great price, awesome guitar! No need to spend hundreds/thousands more! I'll be watching for future deals on lefties!

Steve S.

Eric, I received the guitar a few hours ago - I am STUNNED!!! What a beautiful guitar - so cheap I feel guilty. At first it sounded odd, as if the intonation was out ( of course it wasn't, the set-up is brilliant, spot on) I changed the strings to my usual ones - what a Differenc, the guitar came alive - fantastic. I am RAPT. By the way I have several other Strats to compare it to, including an original 1958, an original 1963 ( my sweetheart - nothing compares), a custom shop, a G&L with changed pick-ups etc. How does this rate - I am

stunned - dollar for dollar this is the bargain of the century. I wish you and your company all the best in the future - for doing products like this you absolutely deserve it. Cheers Damien

I just wanted to let you know that I received the bass on 07/10/07 and I love it! This bass is very easy to play and sounds great. The RB4000 is definitely the best bass you can buy for the money! Keep up the good work... Shawn H.


The 8-string arrived today while I was at work. I opened up the boxes and had to try it out. WOW!!! It looks and sounds awsome. Debby, my misses, was quite impressed as well. I immediately went out and picked up a gig bag for it. The asst. mgr. at Guitar Center asked what kind of bass was going in it. I told him a RavenWestGuitar 8-string (octave). He, too, had never heard of RWG. I enlightened him and strongly suggested he give RWG a look! I'll be showing the 8-string and the 5-string off to John, one of my drummer buds, tomorrow. He has another friend that has a home studio, who is also a bass player. John said his studio friend's gonna flip when hears I have these! I'll continue to try to send folks your way. Take care and much success!


hey eric, its matt, the bass player for the courtesy clerks and i just wanted to say, that we are in recording, and jinn's raven can solo so emotionally, it makes me want to cry. From the curves and quilt, to the neck and pickups, the thing is a marvel, a true beauty in tone and looks, keep it up, you're doing a great service to every musician out there. In all due honesty, WE LOVE YOU!

Hi Eric:

Got the guitar (RM300) end of last week (thanks for the FAST shipping, by-the-way! And I have been checking it out here and there...

All I can say is: "Wow, what a value!" This is a BITCHIN' axe for around three-hundred-bux!! Can't beat that with a stick!!!

Is it REALLY solid mahogany?

I like it, A LOT!!! Very NICE guitar and certainly WELL WORTH the money!!!

Thanks Eric!

Sincerely, Ed B


Just wanted to let you know I received the 755 Ash guitar in perfect condition today.

WOW! So much better to see it in person. What a fantastic guitar. Now I have to decide whether to play it or hang it as art. (Of course it has already been played, but it sure could be art). And the case is very nice, an excellent compliment to the guitar.

Also, thank you for the CD that was included.

Now it's time to start saving for the 12-string :).

Take care.

Bill C.

I received a new RWG guitar a couple of days ago and I am very happy with it. As an owner of an old school, just 'raven' guitar, I can't believe this thing cost just a little more than a fret replacement and a setup (which my old raven definitely needs). I could be wrong, but it

seems that you beefed the necks up on these new models (I play the hollow-body 450s) which I like even more. I have to get used to playing

with the vine inlays a little more but I guess that's a small price to pay for a bad ass looking instrument. Thanks again, I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Joe P. Portland, OR


Got the RG450 a couple of days ago It's great, this is my 3rd Raven and none have failed to please! I love the new fretboard inlays and the headstock binding - most importantly, the guitar sounds great -- thanks a lot!

Damon B.

WOW, WE LOVE RAVEN WEST! I got my RB4000 about two weeks ago, and i sold my back-up, and im saving up for anoter RWG Bass, its got the best tone, and sound, and honestly, its just sexy! Our Band, The Courtesy Clerks, (Saint Jinn, and I: Flamingo only use Raven West Guitars) I can't believe how much i'm stopped just to hear people say, "Its Beautiful" or how i laugh when people say, "I'll bet that really set you back" And when i told them what i paid for it, they went ballistic, we need more stickers for RWG! I've given out so many i've run out, We love the istruments! They're Beautiful, The sound is incredible, and for what you're paying; you're getting SO MUCH MORE!!! I have to say, you guys rock! I tip my hat to you! Keep it up! Put us on your top!!!!

~Flamingo ~The Courtesy Clerks

Hi Eric The guitar arrived today. The tone is beautiful, setup perfect and intonation 100%. I have been playing for 48 years. I currently own 21 guitars. All are top of the line (Gibson supreme fender tele fender strat PRS artist etc.) Of all the guitars I own the only 1 that beats out the 450 is my 47 year old guild. I am truly impressed and can honestly say that it sounds and plays better than a PRS Hollowbody II WOW

Thanks Ray

The guitar was packed perfectly and looked amazing when I un wrapped it. I am very impressed with the quality and the neck feels great. I have since bid on a few othe RWG's as I think they are both a great deal and a beautiful guitar to have. Thanks again, JB

Hot diggity damn! Got my guitar and man... what a beautiful instrument! I've been playing about 40 years, and have owned some nice axes, including a beautiful Rickenbacker 12, which I had to sell due to financial concerns. The RWG 12-string is, without a doubt, the best playing and sounding 12 I've ever seen, bar none... I'm gonna look at some of the six-strings soon. I've currently got a Strat, and a Les Paul, but the RWG line is really an incredible deal, and an incredible instrument... Thanks for everything! Hardy W.

I just received my RWG 12-string solid-body with maple quilt top and I am very impressed with this guitar. What a terrific value! I keep hearing this voice in my head that says I should send you more money!...so I ordered a case for it! This guitar sounds great, it looks very expensive and it plays better than other (more expensive) brands that I was also considering. I made the best choice - no doubt. Thank you for a fabulous product! I'll spread the word in Tennessee about RWG.


Jeff H.

Today I received the guitar.! It's wonderful :-) And thanks for the cable!

Bye, Cristian

Eric, I absolutely love the RG350 and I think I am going to sell my Jackson and buy one of the Raven Les Paul Style guitars. What one do you recommend?

I think you might remember me I bought the RG350 blem a week or so ago, and I called you in the evening and had you added the case to the order.. I also said "your guitars play better than ones that are 5x as much" in my feedback.

I tell you what man, I am taking college classes for guitar and I know when the students in the class see this RG350 you are going to be getting some orders.

Damn, you dad won the Baha 1000!


Good morning Eric- Received the RG-12 yesterday, and it is indeed a very handsome guitar (Little touches like the felt washers on the strap buttons are also impressive-the Pro-Line cable included looks pretty husky!) I'm an old bass player who is a much better guitar tech than guitar player. I do a fair number of setups, and this instrument was as good out of the box as anything I've seen for a while. If you make some sales out of northern Minnesota, it's probably because of me! Thanks for the good service. Roger M.

Eric, > >I received my bass last week and I was totally > satisfied with the > instrument. The workmanship is outstanding and it > sounds great too! > The lizard quilt finish is beautiful. The bass > exceeded my > expectations. You now have a new customer for life! > Thanks again for > the speedy shipping. > > > > Best Regards, > Marshall C.


I got the RG450 today. Once again I am blown away by how beautiful this guitar is and how great the setup is on both guitars. I used the 350 for three hours at last night's rehearsal and loved it. Keep up the great work.......I'm gonna stash my two Les Paul Standards for my next few gigs.


HI MY name I ROB, and I just got one of the best > guitars ever made'ed and > yes you made it, its a (k2) and I love it. I have a > Martin 1970, HD28 low > -p., non Ele. I'm about 60 yrs old been playing > guitar for about 40+ years. and > I have never played a guitar that plays like this > one. it sounds and plays > outstanding. I have one thing to ask, my girl of > 20 yrs got it for me and she > pay for it in her name, will the lifetime warranty > only be good in her name? > > THANK YOU > and COMING BACK > SOON for ANOTHER > > ROBERT j F.

Hey Eric- this is one of the sweetest guitars I've ever played and I have Gibson Studios, Jacksons and G &l's! The pups are awesome, the neck is as smooth as a babies butt, the inlays on the neck are gorgeous, the "lizard flamed maple top" is really unique and the guitar needed no adjustments whatsoever right from the box! The clean sound with the hollowbody is so warm played through my Marshall and the crunch- when distorted from this thing kicks a**! When I tell my musician friends what I paid for it they're floored. Expect some future customers from me raving about your guitars in Miami and points south.

FYI- I went to Guitar Center to buy a strap for my RG and I checked out one of the top of the line PRS's and I actually like my RG- 450 better all the way around! It can really compete with high end guitars in the $3000 range- simply amazing.

Needless to say, I'm more than pleased with your product and have already recorded several new originals this sweet git has inspired me to write. Thanks so much Eric- my band thanks you too!

One question- what kind of strings did you guys put on this bad boy? I love them and want to keep using the same ones.

Thanks again man and I'll be sending you photos soon!

Pete Fines Guitars/ vocals/ sax/ songwriter and producer for:

Electric Jellifish / Homestead and Miami Florida

Hi Eric,

Well, in a word, WOW! And thank you! As usual, your service has been first rate! This guitar took just over a week to get here..... and at this time of year too..... remarkable! I thought the guitar looked great on the website, but I found it even more striking when I unwrapped it..... and it plays wonderfully! This is going to be fun..... :~)

Cheers, Marlon ( Canada )

Hi Eric, > > > > Had a chance to use the RG450 live for 3 > > performances and I must say I am > > impressed with its performance. It held it's tuning > > and the tone qualtiy was > > excellent, not to mention how nice the guitar looks > > and played. Very > > impressed! > > > > So it may be time for another guitar. I really like > > the new RG680 JB Jazz > > guitar so I am very interested in that one and also > > the RG500 Walnut-thru > > the neck guitar. > > > > Can I get the prices from you with cases of course? > > > > Thanks Eric, > > > > Regards, > > > > Gerard, Calif.

Hi Eric,

I have to express my sincere congratulations for your Raven West K2-590T guitar. The guitar is - not only with regard to the low price - so impressive that I could not hesitate to wrote a review for Harmony Central. I could not stop smiling when I was playing your guitar. Semi-hollow body, mahogany wood, neck and pickups are really a great combination. One of the best thing about this guitar are the pickups. They are simply perfect and definitely do not need to be replaced by one of the major brands. They are really kickin'!!!

Kind regards Heiko From Germany

Hi Eric,

I received the guitars yesterday, thanks for your prompt service and excellent packing. Also the extra goodies, much appreciated! They are really nice and set up very well. I am amazed at the quality of the finish on the guitars. I haven't had a chance to plug them in yet but looking forward to it. Thanks again and catch you soon on the next ones!


Hi Eric...I just wanted to let you know a couple of > things regarding the K2-59T I recently received. > First, it is a beautiful looking guitar and it > sounds great as well! The tech did a real nice job > at setting the puppy up too! > > I can't thank you enough for taking care of me and > BTW...the blem you pointed out to me...well let's > just say, people would be hard-pressed to find it. > > Thank you again! > > Gary C.

One RavenWest guitar is just not enough. After purchasing my RG450 and enjoying it beyond measure I was on the Raven West website and saw the new K2-RM300. Being a Les Paul fan and owning a Les Paul copy already I couldn't resist the RM300. So now I am the proud owner of the RM300 and it has impressed me from the minute I opened it. Thank you Eric for making such beautiful guitars affordable. I now have my eye on a third RavenWest guitar...stay tuned to the webpage to see which one it will be..I just have to figure out what else I can sell in order to get it. ( Tom Earl, who also appears in our as used by section, with his 2nd RavenWest! Thank you Tom! )

Hello, I just thought I'd mention that I wrote a short article about my 12 year old son's new Raven West guitar on my site, TheGuitarZone. After his guitar teacher saw it and played it he bought 2 from you. That's my buddy Dennis Rivellino who is the third photo on the top of the page. Best Always, Vinny H. NY

Hi Eric,

Just a note to let you know the guitar arrived yesterday, creating scenes of great joy at the local post office. All in perfect condition. Sore fingertips this morning. A very friendly instrument to play. Couldn't be happier. Thanks once again.

Cheers, Keith S. Austrailia


The guitar came today. I pulled it out of the box, adjusted the bridge, tuned it up and bang, it rocks. Man this is a lot of guitar for the price. My next guitar will be a RWG. Thanks. Mark.


Just wanted to say how happy I am with the guitar. Wow! I did take it to my set up guy to check out, and everybody in the music store was gawking and praising this guitar! Made me feel great! I should have given them all my name so maybe I could get a commission or somethingÖ.Anyhow, I havenít played a gig with the band yet, but am waiting for all the comments Iíll get when I do. Thanks again. PS. I am trying to decide now if I want the RM590T or the RM300Ödecisions, decisionsÖ.maybe Iíll just get both!

Keith L.


I wanted to let you know that I love this guitar. I had noodled around a bit but hadn't got to really try it out till this past weekend. I cranked it through a 50 watt Marshall as well as a Boogie and it sounded great on both counts. I had thought that I might want to swap out the pick up before I heard it, just because I am partial to Dimarzios, but I don't see a need for that. The only fault I have come across is a couple of frets needed dressing to get rid of some slight buzz, that was no problem at all.

I have seen so called "higher end" guitars that needed much more in the way of set up out of the box that this one did. I was expecting to have to do some tweaking with the intonation but it was spot on. Seriously, the only things I have done were restring it with a set of Elixer 10s and run a fret file across 2 frets. It is a delight to find a guitar that needed so little to start playing.

Appearence wise, I can't find any faults. The 2 tiny marks on the neck binding were the only blemishes I find and I like them because it kind of makes it "one of a kind". Everyone I have shown it to that knows anything about guitars can't believe the price, they all guessed it was much more, the lowest guess being $500.00.

You sir, are to be commended for offering a high quality instrument at an affordable price. RWG is a godsend. I will post a review on Harmony Central and will whole heartedly recommend you to all my playing friends. I have been playing for 25 years and can honestly say that for the price, I have never been happier with any guitar.

Thank you & take care Diston

Eric I can't believe it but today the 1000Q has finally arrived!!!!! It's a f%^&in great guitar (I play in Maleficarum and play guitar since 1982). I'm really satisfied and the guitar is amazing, beautiful and it plays real well!!! Unfortunatly the Italian customs killed me (I payed 112 Euro of taxes), but fortunatly the guitar is so beautiful that I don't care a sh#t!! Thanx for all your help and support. But next time you shall work with Italian guys, don't use the post service but a good courrier express (UPS, DHL or something like that), italian post is sh#t. Ok, Thanx again and take care Donato

Eric, I received the guitar today and I would like to say thanks for the great customer service and fast shipping. Thanks as well for the cord - a nice surprise. The guitar is beautiful and sounds terrific through my home studio equipment - I can't wait to play it live! I will definately recommend RavenWest Guitar to my friends and will seriously consider you when I am ready to purchase another guitar. Sincerely, Richard

Dear Eric,

The blue/purple quilt RG2000 that you sold me is exceptional. The delivery to Melbourne, Australia was quite decent. As soon as I opened the box, it was a truly awe inspired moment. The Workmanship is superb and as soon as I plugged it in... perfection simply perfection.

Thanks for the great guitar again.

Cheers Henry F-D.


My guitar arrived Tuesday. I just wanted to tell you how much I love it! The guitar is beautiful and a pleasure to play. Even out of the box it is ready to go and plays great. I will most likely take it to a shop and have it set up..but she plays great. I have always wanted a gibson les paul but could never afford the money and the epiphone les paul never impressed me. This guitar is the answer. Thank you for making such wonderful guitars at such affordable prices. I am so excited. I am honored that you would take the time to hand pick one for me too. I think the fact that you speak to the customer shows that you care about your product and the customer. I will photograph myself with it and send another little blurb to go along with it. Number two Raven and counting.!!!!

Tom E.

"you can take the wisdom of this world and give to the ones who think it all ends here" bruce cockburn

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Excellent Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Title: Body:The guitar was exactly as described at the Ravenwest web site. Shipping was very FAST and the instrument arrived in good shape. Have not had to contact them for customer service yet, but based on the service I have received, I cant believe Ravenwest would drop the ball in this category either. Lets hope we dont have to find out. The guitar is amazing for the price, an excellent value, I might just ignore the wife and buy another. Keep up the good work guys !

Thanks ! JNC - Seattle, WA

Hi Eric, > >Got the guitar today. I love it. Set up great out of the box. I have nearly 20 >guitars and this ranks up there, I am putting a GFS Loudmouth bridge pick up in >it too (I really like whats in it now but have always wanted to try the GFS >plus it will look great in it). >Keep me posted on the green/yellow quilt Rg350 availabilty too. >Thanks >MARK D.


I am sorry I didnt reply yesterday... when I recieved it march the 27th but I couldnt put the guitar down it is simply amazzing the tone pickups hot is so focused and mids are awsome!! Better than my es335!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just gave that to my son

This beautiful k2 sunburst lefty is the best looking and sounding guitar I have ever played PERIOD!!! I have been playing for over 27 years and giging...

Raven west guitar must be the most underated unknown company out there.. Eric yes you are a genius for bringing so much to us players.. gems at so low of price you bring a no pressure sales with quality thanks millions you even surprised me with the two piece bridge I love it and thanks for the qaulity cord it was also a surprise.......

PS ..Get me a green ash 450 or k2 lefty with gold hardware and put my name on it (**) Thank You

Samuel R.


I know I replied via the yahoo ordering system, but I just wanted to ensure you knew how happy I am with this guitar.

Was it perfect out of the box? No: but the problems were negligible. The wide array of tones and the comfort and playability of this guitar outstrip--by far--any (easily correctlible) issues I may have had from the manufacturer. And the set-up was absolutely perfect out of the box. You simply can't beat the quality of this guitar for the price paid. I'd easily pay twice or three times as much for a guitar of comparable quality from one of the, "big boys." I recently bought a Chinese-made Ibanez for more than I paid for this marvellous Raven, and the quality of the RWG is much higher. The high quality inlays would have been worth the price alone; but the quality of construction, as well as the solidity of the design, and the incredibly wide range of tones, more than impress. You guys rock! I'm considering getting another 660, just to have as a back-up... the solidity of the bridge puts my strat to shame! Keep truckin', Raven... You are doing now what Ibanez did in the late '70s: making high quality instruments for prices that make jaws drop from coast to coast. I'm working on some friends of mine, getting them to look seriously at your fine instruments. If I have any say, you'll have some more orders coming your way. Keep this up, and ten years from now, you'll be in the same position Ibanez is in now... just don't lose sight of how you got there like they did!

Until my next RWG purchase... WGE out!


Let me start off by saying WOW! The rg450 is sweet! I recieved it on time, which was quick by the way, and i rushed to open it up. I didnt think it was going to be as stunning and beautiful as it was. And the tone rang incredible. Everything is amazing about RAVEN WEST GUITARS. I am so satisfied with your company and its incredible quality guitars I am looking forward to buying the K2-RM999. If you want to have a real perspective of these guitars call me at ############### and I'll be glad to share my joy with you!! Brad

Hi Eric,

I just wanted to let you know the RM3500 arrived safe and sound! :~) Thank you! The only mishap in transit was that the ball end of the 1st E string unravelled and fell off..... I have to say, there was a significant "WOW" factor when I opened up the shipping box! And the more I play the guitar, the more I notice and appreciate the details and workmanship in it. I'm also very happy with the sound of the pickups. I think I'll be keeping them in the guitar instead of replacing them with "Pearly Gates". Cheers, Marlon ( Canada )

"I have had so many people come up to me in the club and look at the guitar and ask what kind of guitar is that...and I'm proud to tell them". "I already have my sights set on another Raven West guitar and you will just have to stay tuned to see which one it is". "Stop shopping and just buy one..you won't regret it". Thomas E.

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Good Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Title: Body:This is definitely a sweet ass guitar. This thing looks like a $1200 piece. The only thing is Im going to put in some Dimarzio PAF classics to beef it up a bit. Dont get me wrong the pickups sounded ok, but i did only pay $400 for the thing, so you cant really expect much more. The finish and overall craftsmanship greatly exceeded what I expected. I just wanted to thank you for a great purchase. michael g.

Eric, My son and I are really enjoying out two new Raven West Guitars. His RG660 never gets put down and he won't touch his old Strat anymore. The action is fast and it has great tone combinations. My old Strat is getting lonely too now that I have the RG5000 Walnut/Alder/Walnut Neck Thru. On the clean channel there is absolutely no buzz and it has a beautiful warm sound. On the lead channel it really kicks butt! Everyone who sees this guitar swears I must have paid at least $1500.00 for it. Thank you for providing these great quality guitars at incredibly low prices. Sincerely, Ron G.

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Awful Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Title: Body:Overall one of the best guitar purchases I have ever made. I own a Fender American Lonestar Strat and an Epiphone Les Paul standard, this guitar blows the Epiphone away(which I paid $600 for) and is right up there in craftsmanship and playability as my American strat. Excellent quality guitars that really give you a bang for the buck. I will definitely be buying another guitar from Raven West. Peter O.



Eric Thanks, So cool I have to show all my freinds! It's Smokein at the same time I try to tell my Freinds that it is really once in a Million this is really a pro$$$ guitar all the goods, Perfect!!! The Best Bar none! A+ A+ A+A+

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Good Delivery Rating:Good Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Title: Body:I orderd the RWG450 guitar online and received a confirmation of my order in less than an hour.

The guitar arrived on time and in perfect condition but for a minor problem with the tension of the truss rod. I emailed RWG about the problem and got a prompt response with instruction on how to solve the problem . I was also given the option of returning the guitar for exchange. I elected to repair the problem using the detailed intructions.

Now it plays as good as it looks. Fantastic experience with this company. I would do it again in a heart beat.

Eric: Received the guitar very quickly. I'm very impressed. Everything about this guitar is nicely conceived, nicely realized. The contour of the neck is what I was most apprehensive about (I've developed a stereotype of chunky necks from many Korean-made guitars), and the Raven West guitar just couldn't be any better.

I got turned on to your company by a friend, who's recently bought a similar (but 4 years old) model. It's also terrific.

Thanks for this transaction. I've left positive ebay feedback for you. And don't be surprised to find me bidding on another Raven West guitar in the near future.

regards and take care, danny ( from ebay)

Hi Eric, Thanks for meeting with me today and handing off the guitar this afternoon. I just want to also say thanks for the incredible instrument. Sounds awesome, plays awesome, kicks the shit out of my other more expensive guitars with out any set up.

If I can ever refer some business your way I won't hesitate. Cheers, Bryon H.

Rating: Excellent


Price Rating:Excellent

Shipping Options Rating:Excellent

Delivery Rating:Excellent

Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent

Customer Service Rating:Excellent


Body:Simply awesome !!!

Ive never received anything that fast !!

Guitar was great, packed extremely well !!!

Played great, right out of the box !!

Michael B.

Hi Eric, I received the guitar today (you must have handed it to the pilot as he was taking off Monday morning) and it looks great. I really appreciate your effort to make things right. You did everything that you said you would do. You have certainly earned my respect. Thanks again. Bill L.

Hey Eric,

WOW ! ! ! I got home Wednesday afternoon & opened up the package much to my delight. This guitar not only looks incredible but plays like a dream. I could not put it down. I stayed up till way passed 2:00 in the morning not even realizing what time it was just pickin away. The top on this Axe is very fine indeed. Neck is straight as an arrow. I had mentioned at first I had intended on customizing this guitar, however after not being able to put it down for several hours I realize theirs no need to. This guitar is solid. Very pleased with this guitar & the quick turn around. I won the auction on Monday & it was at my home on Wednesday. In the blink of an eye. Man I feel sorry for the person I was bidding against. Once again A+++++++ all the way around. Thank you Ravenwest & keep up the good work,

Your lifelong, extremely satisfied customer Reginald L.

I could not make and sell this product for as low a price as RavenWest has. It is a very good value. I am telling my friends to buy them, too. K.P. MO.

Eric, Just thought I would write and tell you the guitar is awesome! Holy Moly!! Just what I thought it would play like...a PRS. Keep up the good work. Brad

Eric, > > I received both guitars Thursday. They tried to > delivery one on Wednesday > but I missed the Mailman. The guitars are stunning > in their beauty. I was > very pleasantly surprised to notice the visible > Mahogany grain on the VBY > Quilt model. You must have heard this many times, > but the pics on your site > don't really do these guitars justice, and your pics > look good. > > This note is just to let you know that I did receive > both guitars in fine > order. And > last, I am VERY HAPPY with these guitars. > > Thanks much, > Mark B.

Eric, Quick FYI.... I received the 1000Q on Monday. I own a $2,200 Paul Reed Smith, $650 Samick, $1,350 Taylor and two other guitars but I love the Raven 1000Q. It plays and sounds great, especially for the money. I took the 1000Q to work and showed it off. Hopefully you'll get a few more orders from the guys at work. They are all musicians. John P.S. I just order the wireless mic.

Rating: ExcellentComments:Actually had personal e-mail contact with them right through to the time I received the guitar. Great service!! The quality, sound and playability of the guitar itself exceeded my expectations. It's beautiful too. Mark R.

Hi, just received guitar, I have to say that I own 12 guitars, Tom Anderson, PRS, Gibson, Fender etc. This guitar is @&*#*&@^ amazing for that kind of money. I don't know how they do it. Hoping to buy more! Leaving +feedback, please do the same. Thanks Fred

Rating: ExcellentComments:i was very impressed...I thought you always got what you paid for...but this guitar could be easily $800 and i would still pay for such a good looking excellent performing machine. Josh H.

Eric, received the guitar on Saturday and the shipping refund today!! Unbelievable!! The guitar is great, plays great, sounds great, I can't thank you enough, if I ever need another one (already using 3 guitars for giging) I'll definately get another!! Thanks a million!!! Ken

> Thanks very much Eric, > > the guitar is an absolute gem and I cannot believe the quality of the build > for the price. Have just taken it to be set up and modified for odd tunings > and the guy in the shop was very impressed. > > Thanks for the amazing service and friendliness you showed myself and my > dad, it's very reassuring when you order something so substantial as a > guitar from a different country to know one's custom is valued. > > I may return to Raven West in the near future. > > Thanks > > Greg Jenner

Hey Eric, Got the Rp350 in the mail yesterday. WOW! Everyone who has seen it is amazed. I can't believe how well put together this guitar is. I bought it as a $600.00 investment, meaning I planned to spend an additional $250 or so on hardware and electronic upgrades and modifications. Having played the guitar, I realise this isn't neccessary. This is a superb product, and I'm still trying to figure out how it is economically feasable to sell this guitar at this price and still make money. Not my problem though. Thanks again for the solid customer service and a GREAT guitar (at any price)---Sam B

Eric: I received the RP-450 today...Wow, what a guitar!! I have been playing for 32 years, and currently own Gibson, Fender, and Hamer. This instrument is the best built, best sounding and playing guitar for the money there is. I recently played a PRS and a $5000 Les Paul, This Raven is more accurate in the fretwork and neck/intonation then either one. Thanks very much, Patrick F.

Eric, Got my RP350 and case on Friday. This is my second RP350 and I just wanted to drop a line to let you know it is just as good as the first. Exceptional value and great quality. I already had the Amber ash and the See Thru Blue is kick ass. I really get a kick out of getting people to guess how much I paid. They always guess $900-$1000. When I tell them the cost it floors them. I really appreciate the fast delivery and the courteous answers to E-mail and phone calls. Thanks again, Chris S. Arkansas

Eric, the guy who helped me, is really in touch with the customer, treats you like a person not a sale, i'd like to see more guys like that in any store..........internet or not. As for the guitar, great. I can't say enough really, a left handed guitar, an awesome price, a quality instrument..........if I could only stop playing it long enough to send Ravenwest an e-mail to thank them..............Darren A.


My natural 680 arrived on Saturday. Before placing my order I read all the glowing reviews, both on and off your website, and was skeptical. How could a guitar that is so reasonably priced also be of exceptional quality? The reviews were accurate. My guitar is beautiful and flawless. The hollowbody sound is great...I feel like Brian Setzer, Eddie Cochran, & Chuck Berry (unfortunately I still play like me). Thanks for the perfect instrument and excellent service!!!!!!!


Rating: Excellent Comments:I was very impressed. Ordering was easy and I received the product 3 days after ordering. Thank you very much!! M. Sellers

Recieved guitar yesterday, very nice guitar I love it. I left you positive feedback today. Im curious about these guitars. How long have they been in circulation? They seem really nice for the prices you have listed. If you have time email me back. Thanx, Rob Wilson

Eric, Wow, I am so impressed with the LH 350 the natural amber finish is beautiful. Everything was beyond my expectations. I have been playing guitar seriously for 19 years and this is a quality instrument. I currently own (counting the Raven) 10 guitars this is one sharp guitfiddle. I was expecting to have to make adjustments to the instrument, it was still in tune with a fairly decent setup. The only flaw I have found was on the 3 way pickup selector and that was a minor discolor on the tip. I am not picky and that can be overlooked. I will be buying from you again probably around August for my birthday (my wife will buy the next one). I almost forgot the tone. This guitar has got fabulous, tremendous, miraculous, exceptional, big bodied tone. I am way impressed with the voicing of this instrument. The pickups sound righteous. Unplugged this guitar has a huge amount of resonance. I could not be happier. You have definitely got a great product on your hands. PeAcE Chris Story

Hi Eric, My Warrenty Registration Card came back 'undeliverable' and 'return to sender'. The address on the card is P.O. Box 30330 Laughlin, NV 89028. Please advise on correct address. Thanks. Put 11's on the RP 450 and its even better than before! Am really very happy with this guitar - its no PRS, but the playability, sound, feel, & appearance are excellent. Combined with the cost, I doubt there is anything comparable out there.

hey eric or whoever this is joel rook [bought the rsm 800] recieved today would like to thank you for very prompt service everything so far seems pretty damn good . thats all and thank you

Eric,I can't thank you enough for the RM680 Natural. This guitar plays just like my Dad's Gretsch. My son also loves the Electric Violin we just purchased. The quality of these instruments are excellent.Sincerely,Ron Garton

All I can say is HOLY #$%* !!! This is bass is unbelievable!! I am almost at a loss for words. I have looked over the bass with a fine tooth comb and I cannot find a single flaw! The color and figure of the walnut is awsome! The setup on it was damn near perfection. I had to raise the E string about a quarter turn on the sadle adjustments to get rid of a tiny bit of buzz after the 12th fret but that is very minor! Action is nice and low, the neck is so smooth! Absolutely Perfect! You have made one VERY happy customer!! You were right you did not let me down at all!! This definantly makes up for the last internet guitar purchase that I got burned on! Im so glad I gave you a shot!! Thanks so very much Eric for offering such a fine product and such an unbelievable value! Worth every penny and then some!! Derek, KS.


Thank you, the guitar looks great, plays great, and it got here QUICK. Thanks a million times...


I got the guitar yesterday, I ordered it on the 24th. Thats some quick service. The pictures don't do it justice, this guitar is gorgeous! Two of my friends ordered RP450's in the last 2 weeks or when I showed them yor website, and theirs looked beautiful also. I have two more friends that are going to order guitars any day now, everyone I've shown mine to so far couldn't believe how nice it is. I can't believe the tone, either. It sounds perfect with the setup I use, just the sound I was looking for. About six months ago I was in the market for a left handed PRS Hollowbody, when I discovered that I would have to have it custom made. The quote was anywhere between $8000-$11000 and a least a 11/2 year wait!! This guitar is everything I was looking for in the PRS for pocket change in comparison. Thank you for making in a lefty version. Another aspect I'd like to mention is the neckjoint and heel(or lack there of). After being told the price for a custom PRS, I found a lefty PRS McCarty( which doesn't look as nice this guitar) that had a really nice tone and bought it for $2300. The guitar is great except for the huge block of a heel on it, the Raven is a clean reach all the way to the 24th fret which my PRS doesn't even have. Incredible guitar at any price, but to have it under $375 shipped to my door, across the country in 4 days, leaves me blown away. I'm a serious player and I have many other fine guitars, so I know a good guitar when see and hear one. This is definitly an incredible instrument. Regards, Abe Piluszewska

Rating: ExcellentComments:very good comunication before and after purchase, and quick delivery. the guitar is everything it was advertised to be. Matthew G.

Rating: ExcellentComments:way above and beyond what one would expect from any business's customer service M.L.

Eric, The RMB 500 bass finally showed up today. Thanks. It really does appear tobe a quality instrument. The fit and finish are outstanding. I was a littleleery about the appearance of the gold hardware, but it looks awesome. (Thatwas one thing in common with most of the reviews I have seen... the goldfinish looked rubbed in spots. Not on this one.)I have not had the chance to plug it in yet, but after playing it "dry" I ammore than happy with the action. A little lower than the P-J I've beenplaying, which is just fine by me.I can definitely say that I will be ordering more from you in the future,and recommending you to anyone looking for a new guitar. Now I am going to go play. Thanks again Dan Proffett

Rating: ExcellentComments:Excellent,Excellent,Excellent,Excellent!!!!!! R. L.

hey eric got the rx620 today - thanx for the more than prompt shipping - guitar is everything it claimed to be (which seemed like almost too much to be true) - Ty = totally happy - props to you!!!!!!!!!

Hi Eric: The guitar got here yesterday. It is beautiful! My son wants it, were fighting over it. Just kidding. Thanks a lot. Is there a warranty form I need to fill out? I wish I had a better amp to play through, the one I have at the house is just a toy. I just wanted to say I am very happy with the guitar, and I may get back to you about an- other guitar in the future. DV.

Hey, GREAT GUITAR !!!!! i have gibson's, fenders you name it....i am astonished at the quality of this instrument !! A++++...wow needs intonation set up but oh well what else you have in lefty by these guy's ??? Seriously...i have over 20 lefthanded guitars all of them costing 5 times as much, and this thing rock's...thanks a million !!! E F.

Rating: ExcellentComments:Outstanding.....great communication....fantastic value..and a super fast delivery E.D.

Hey Eric, Got my violin guitar today thank you so much, I was amazed how good it looks and plays, thank for your help with all my questions and fast shipping, put me down as one of your most satisfied customers, thanks again. Doran B.

I doubt you remember me buying that blue/green 1000q from you, but I did. I love it, it plays just downright brilliant. That thing is fast and even handles my wide style of playing. I'm looking into some of the new guitars you have online, definitely kickass.Keep up the groundbreaking work, Brian.

Eric: I received the guitar on Tuesday. I played a $2600 Les Paul Custom once and this is the closest thing to it for playability and sound. It looks better, too. What a guitar for the money! I'll get the warranty card filled out soon. Thanks Again, Jim P.

I am enjoying the guitar more than any ive ever owned.no lie. Thanks!!! Adam

Rating: Excellent Comments:Best purchase I've ever made online. I ordered the guitar on a Friday and I had it on Monday just 3 days later. I am very happy with the guitar. I have actually sidelined my Ibanez because I like the Raven so much. Russel W.

I am really digging the RP350. I read the reviews and I was shocked at all the positive feedback. I was ready to shell out 2,000 for a low quality PRS that from the sounds of things sounds like a 350 RP350 and doesn't look nearly as good (you might know you have to shell out a few hundred more if you want that good PRS finishes, otherwise they look like crap). Well my question is regarding the finishes you offer on the RP350. What colors are available, are there an choices others than those on the site. Thanks alot.


Rating: Excellent Comments: all i can say my order came quick, sounds great and i plan on ordering a few more guitars A.M.

Eric, Put me on the top of the list of your most satisfied customers!!!! This is truly a fine instrument of a quality far beyond the price paid: excellent workmanship, fit and finish, light weight, great sound. An extremely wide variety of tones is available due to the humbuckers, tone and volume controls and pick up selector, but the semi-hollow body design adds timber without giving up sustain. Scott A.

Got my RX600 this mornin......actually tried to deliver yesterday i couldn't believe it. It arrived in perfect shape and yes i was able to play it out of the box.....may need some sweetenin but not today. If anybody was to ask me I would have have to say the reviews are true about the guitars and Raven West....pleasure doin business with ya......Thanx!

Rating: ExcellentComments:No complications with the order at all.I was surprised with the quick delivery of my order.I am very impressed with the quality of the item I purchased.

Rating: ExcellentComments:I am very pleased with the product ~ RX12 solidbody 12 string, quilt top finish guitar. A cool value for the money. Th ordering and receivingprocess went exceptionally well and quite timely.I recommend RavenWest to anyone shopping for aguitar. They are not Gibsons or Rickenbackers, butthey don't cost $$$$.$$ either. A nice deal!

Rating: ExcellentComments:The service was exceptional. Very nice people to do business with. The violin is a quality piece and my son is very, very happy with his new instrument. I plan to tell all the parents in my child's violin class about this company. No more rentals for us. Thanks RavenWest.

Dear Eric: After trying a few medium size amps (100 to 130 watt Bass), I finally purchase the SWR Workingman's 12 (100 to 120watt at 4 ohm) amp(www.swreng.com). That amp has an Aural Enhancer circuit, which canbring out the Deep Low "B" string sound. Sweet and beautiful. Plus theEffect in and Out has a mixer, in other words, I can mix distorted soundinto clean sound using the Zoom 506II, and adjust the level to the way Ilike it. The tone shaping of the amp is also very effective.This amp has a tendency of transmitting the original sound of the bass,in other words if the bass is no good, I will hear garbage sound out ofit.This time the bass is well under control, with the proper compression/distortion/effect mixed up to the clean sound. The Auraladjustment adjusted to 3/4 turn. Really nice sound. I will use this ampto do a few live gig. Hopefully it is loud enough. I will let you knowwhether the bass/amp combination can produce sound wave to shake 300people in a club. Next month I will use a 300watt amp with the RavenBass.The more I play this bass, the more I like the fast action. Now I mightstill buy the Warwick, for the sake of collection, but this Raven basswill definitely stay with me thru all the live performances that ourgroup is committed to.Hofefully this bass can last until 2003, where I am composing a song tocelebrate a special occasion, that an organization just passed thrutheir 100 years. I am designing/writing a song for their next century.We will perform (if we can still do it) in a big open area with about2000 people, flying back from many countries in this world to celebratethe occasion. I am thinking of putting some gears together of over 2000 watt each. If I still own the Raven Bass, it will be there. However, Ihave a tendancy of sending my gear to friends who like them, like theguitar I bought from you. The accoustic/electric guitar I sold to a guy who fell in love with it. Kingson HK Hong Kong

Hi Eric;

An update on the lefty 12 string I bought from you not long ago....

I haven't gone over it with a magnifying glass or anything, but a semi-critical look says that fit and finish are, as far as I can see, flawless - better in fact than my new Epiphone Sheraton, and as good as the Gibsons and Fenders I've had over the years.

The neck plays reasonably well, but even after a trussrod adjustment, there are some high spots. I guess that's to be expected in a guitar made and set up in Korea, then imported to California, then ending up in British Columbia in autumn. Climatic change does some wonderful things to guitars. At any rate, that's easy enough to deal with by doing a fret levelling\dressing.

It would be nice if the bridge would go a little lower. I actually like how it plays now, but the bridge is very close to being all the way to the bottom, even using a fairly light string gauge (9-42). If anything should happen (like changing to heavier strings, which would require more neck relief) where the bridge might have to be lowered further, there is almost nowhere to go. I'll deal with that when\if it comes (maybe Dremelling the bottom of the tune-o-matic would be an option if worst came to worst - I'm not expecting it to, though). If it's any consolation, I noticed the same thing with my Sheraton. Maybe it's a Korean manufacturing thing....

The guitar definitely does not sound like a Ric or a Gibson 12 string, it has more of a "generic electric 12" sound that, in the end, is probably more versatile than either of those (much) more expensive guitars. You can get a convincing Pretenders\Byrds\Tom Petty Ric sound, and also do a pretty good job of "The Rain Song" or "Suite Madame Blue" using the same guitar. One criticism - even though the sound is decent, the pickups are a little weak. They could stand to be a little bit hotter (not more dirty, just louder), and maybe a tiny bit brighter.

I'm a little disappointed that it's not an archtop, but I suspected that it wasn't after looking closely at the picture of the pearloid blue model (the one I got). No biggie. Instead of thinking PRS, I just think Les Paul Special :-)

I do think that the current manufacturer (I'm dying to find out who that is) made an unfortunate marketing choice picking "Raven" as their brand name. Most of us over-30 players remember older Raven guitars from the 70's and 80's as truly horrible. They were not even good enough to be beginner guitars - bad wood, ugly design, warped unplayable necks, cheap hardware. really bad electronics, etc.

One could probably sell these guitars for much more money, because they're ay least on par with the Epiphones and Tokais, and maybe even equal to more expensive brands. I won't go as far as to say they're equal to PRS or Gibson because the pickups etc in those guitars are simply better than the Raven. On the other hand, given the brand name that was chosen they might have to remain lower-priced in order to overcome the taboo (see above) - at least until they have managed to convince enough "real" (professionally gigging) guitarists of their quality.

In short - I'm very satsfied with this guitar. I think it was excellent value for the money. I'm not giving it up for anything.

Bob M. Canada

Dear Eric: I think you had made a wonderful and smart choice of your guitar maker. Today we are preparing some songs for a live performance on Novermber 24,2001, in a beach house. This time I am using a Fender Bassman 100, using the Raven 5 string bass. The other guys are using Hammer, and Strat. to Line 6 amp andFender amp. I changed the strings to Trace Elliot 0.125 steel, very soft, light and sound good. I changed all the knobs to Golden Bell Knobs, now the guitar looks like a personal edition. Cranking up the volume to near maximum, using the two bass volumes to control the "Explosion". I noticed I could play very lightly, very fast, and close to effortless. Sounds deep, solid, and sweet. We all love the bass. Now I wonder what your six string bass sounds like. I never know how to use a "C" string. Not in my Gibson Les Paul....Kingson HK Hong Kong

Eric, > > I received both guitars Thursday. They tried to > delivery one on Wednesday > but I missed the Mailman. The guitars are stunning > in their beauty. I was > very pleasantly surprised to notice the visible > Mahogany grain on the VBY > Quilt model. You must have heard this many times, > but the pics on your site > don't really do these guitars justice, and your pics > look good. > > This note is just to let you know that I did receive > both guitars in fine > order. And > last, I am VERY HAPPY with these guitars. > > Thanks much, > Mark B.

EricThe CR 350 arrived a couple of weeks back - it's fantastic.It plays absolutely beautifully, sounds great, and of course looks just tremendous. All my guitar-playing friends are now looking at the websiteand thinking about Christmas!I can safely say that I'll be ordering more guitars from you. PH. London

hey eric its brett this is actually my email and not peters i got the guitar the day that i read this but held off on writing back because i wanted to play it first and see how it sounded and played to be honest i was surprised to say the least i had first seen a raven guitar for sale on ebay a few weeks ago and loved the way it looked then i searched for a site that had them and found a few and eventually raven west where i saw the seven string ive been interested in getting a 7 for awhile and when i saw these i knew id have to get one the raven guitars are honestly the best looking guitars i have ever seen when i ordered this i had never heard of raven or anyone else who had so i was worried about quality i thought i might have to go and order some of the ibanez hardware to make it sound good or maybe even a ibanez neck but after i got it tuned and played it a little i was amazed it just blew me away the craftmanship the sound and most of all the look (like i said its awsome) the only issue i have with this whole guitar is the made in korea label on it but hey so does the 7 string ibanez that i ordered if anyone i know is looking for a new guitar that isnt expensive plays great and is just a high quality guitar ill tell them about raven i will deffinitly buy another one thanks alot

Dear Eric, This is just a note to say wow, that rm 2000 is the nicest guitar I own! Im the truck driver from Texas that razzed u on the phone about your bathing beauties in your ebay auctions. I have a Ibanez 470 on layaway in a local music store and I havent got it out yet. Thinking maybe I wont. I sure would like to have a Rp450 in cobalt blue. I am a leftie and your web site is like a treasure chest of cool guitars! I didnt think you could get a knock out looking and playing guitar for so little. In a music store you usually get one or two choices...white or black and a strat copy . So keep up the good work and I will tell and show all my friends about Raven guitars. Also want to commend u personally Eric for being so kind on the phone. You cant get that kind of help and understanding around here. Take care eric and thanks again, S.S. Texas

Hi Eric, Could not believe, that the gig bag arrived this morning and the 12 string, about an hour later. I have been playing 43 years and have about 17 guitars now. I can honestly say that I am impressed of the quality, for the money. Easily as good as any Ibanez, I've owned. or played I made very minor adjustments, something I do with every guitar or bass I get. I was surprised that the weight and neck rivaled my 79" Les Paul std. I finally tuned it up and gave her a run. The pickups are a little thin, but very usable, and a steal for the money, I see no reason to spend money to replace them. Love the neck, and the fret work is awesome, and I will polish them, when the new strings get here. It will be a hit, and I will be back for another very soon. THANKS!!

Hi Eric, My name is Leif. I ordered a cherry sunburst Rp450 from you about two weeks ago and I have had it for about a week. Thanks! This guitar is sweet. The feel is great, the guitar looks great, and it sounds great! I haven't had a chance to play it live yet but it seems like it is a pretty reliable guitar. I own a PRS McCarty and there will definitely be times that I grab my Rp 450 instead of my PRS. I am in a band and they all thought it was an awesome guitar, especially for the money! I wouldn't be surprised if they turn to you for their next guitar. Thanks again, Eric, for the great service and the great guitar. L.R.


I got the RM2000 guitar today and it's a beauty.

Thanks for marketing a great guitar at a great price. I wish you guys much success.

Gotta go excerise the Crate Amp ...

Best regards,


Rating: Excellent Comments: Great job. The bass arrived quickly and in perfect shape. The fit and finish is incredible for the price, and it sounds and plays like a charm. Who could ask for anything more? C.G.

Eric, recieved my green rm 2000 and whew!!!!!!! > WHAT A GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!! TOOK IT OUT OF THE > BOX,TUNED HER UP,(after i caught my breath that is) > took it to my gig,,,,from feel to tone > A+++++!!!!!!!!!!! this thing gushes with a totally > awesome & cool vibe!!!!!!! thanks a million!!!!!!!! > RIZZ

Eric,I got my new raven last night and I figured I oughtta tell you how bitchin it is. It has incredible tone and everyone who's seen it has flipped over the blue finish. this is a fantastic axe. Thanx for all your help and for committing to such quality products. I hope to buy from you again soon.thanx again,ERic

Before I get to busy and forget I just wanted to tell you how much I like the RP450 guitar. It's a great guitar at any price. Its got tons of sustain and after I changed the strings and tweaked the P/U's its seams to have more power. The finish is unbelievable. Can't wait for my other guitar (RM2000) to arrive. Thanks, A.S.

Raven guitars are really great ! Don't miss them ! I have to say that it was really a pleasure to correspond with RavenWestGuitar Co. (Thanks Eric), I always get a prompt reply to my questions and in a very nice way. Also living in Switzerland/Europe, I faced several issues with some U.S. companies regarding delivery and conditions, but RavenWG handle it in a perfect way. So... there is just one word for the guitars, the price, the shipment and the service... GREAT ! For sure I will visit them often and aleady saving money to place an other order. J.C.D. Switzerland

Eric Bergquist/staff at RavenWest were a pleasure to do business with. Great customer service and received a superb guitar. Thank you RavenWest! BOB M.

My third Raven guitar. Not exactly the same quality of some of my Carvins, but I'd buy a Raven over a Gibson or PRS any day. I'd equal these instruments to guitars 3 times their price. Quality fit and finish, vintage sounding pickups and great playability (I know, I used to be a luthier, now I collect Carvins and Hamers as a hobby - Raven is on par with those construction-wise). The Korean guitar makers have been at it for a few decades now and brother, have they got guitar building down dead nuts! (Well, CNC equipment helps). I hope Raven guitars become the choice of beginner and veteran guitarists everywhere. I don't know of a better value in a guitar anywhere else. To ignore one of these for a more expensive similar ax is not too bright of an idea (well, unless you have to have some really weird shaped metallic fuschia colored 4 pickup "look at me" guitar. So OK, they won't return as must cash on resale as a collector grade '59 Gibson Paul or a new $2400 LP Standard , but like most people, I like to play my guitars, not just look at them through a glass case. Forge on Raven!

John Pfeiffer Collector and player of fine guitars

This is my first experience with this co. they were prompt confirming my order, it arrived in an extremely timely manner, the quality of the merchandise was very high and followup has been good. hopefully i won't have to deal with any problems but i have not had any reasons to feel negative about my experience. PH. VA.

The guitar I purchased was an excellent buy! It arrived in perfect condition and the quality is comperable to guitars that cost far more than the Raven. I'm very pleased with my purchase and with the prompt service provided by RavenWest. R.B. KS

I just wanted to thank you for the service it was fast and easy and I love the guitar it sounds great I recomend the rm2000 to any rythem guitarist's great low end and awsome clean Matthew Randazzo (point zero)

Not a single problem with delivery or shipping. It was a little frustrating waiting for the guitar to be shipped on a monday when i ordered it on friday, so i had to wait till wednsday, but that's my own fault for ordering at the end of the week. Overall, a great buying experience. E.G. Va

"Just wanted to let you know that I bought a Raven RSM-1000Q from you a couple of months ago and LOVE it. It is a great guitar for the money. I had recently bought a PRS Swamp Ash for $2K and like my Raven better! Thanks so much" N. D. New Jersey.

Hey Eric-] The guitar arrived!!! In three days?!?!?!?! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW It is gorgeous!!! Thanks for a great deal. R.R. Florida.

Eric, I recieved the guitar yesterday (mon.). Thanks for replying. Guitar looks and plays great! I just wanted to know so I could estimate the time it would come. I didnt want it sitting out side to long in our love

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