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Erdal Kizilcay is a trained musician and began to take viola lessons at the age of 8, and joined the conservatory at the age of 12, where he then respectively took piano, trombone and harmony lessons.

Erdal then headed to Europe when he was 19 and on his return besides taking part in Istanbul Gelisim Orchestra as a soloist, he also began to play guitar, trombone, and trumpet. In the year 1977 he headed to Switzerland and graduated from Swiss jazz School.

In 1982 Erdal began to work with David Bowie. He won the best bass guitar player of the year in 1983 during The AUGST Festival.

Some Of Erdals Works:

David Bowie Albums : Let’s Dance (Perf.on the preprod.) Never Let Me Down, Absolute Beginners, Labyrinth (Worked on the Pre prod.) Buddah Of Suburbia, Lodger,Outside. Singles : Girls, When The Wind Blows, Too Dizzy, World Tours : 1987 The Glass Spider, 1990 Sound and vision.

Tina Turner : Break Every Rule (Girls).

Iggy Pop Album : Blah Blah Blah.

Freddie Mercury : Heaven For Everyone, All The God’s People.

Queen : Compilation (Heaven For Everyone).

Queen : last album : Yellow Breezes (Bass Guitar).

Roger Taylor Album : The Cross.

Brian Eno Album : Outside.

Jane Siberry Album : When I Was A Boy

Jacques Dutronc Albums : Dutronc au Casino, Brèves Rencontres.

Françoise Hardy Album : Compilation.

Debut Turkish Album : Fahrünnisa (1996).

Walt Disney: Hercules (Turkish version) : Music Director.

Warner Bros: Magic Sword (Turkish version) : Music Director.

Beatles Ala Turca : Concept, arrangements, interpretation.

RavenWestGuitar is extremely honored and proud to have such a gifted, multifaceted artist playing our Bass and we wish Erdal much continued success on his musical journey!

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