Hello All, My name is Jeff Seehafer. I am a singer,songwriter and I play Electric guitar synth. Everything you'll hear on the CD ''CURVE OF DESCENT'' is done on the RAVEN 1000-Q save the drum tracks. Lets just say I been playin a while and for the can't beat it. On the 1000-Q...IF THIS GUITAR CAN'T DO IT...THEN IT CAN'T BE DONE. ..I SENSE THAT THE SONG OF MY DREAMS IS IN THE RAVEN 1000-Q,..ALTHOUGH IT PLAYS MUCH FASTER THEN I CAN THINK...THIS BABY SPEAKS ELECTRIC SHAKESPEARE AT THE SLIGHTEST PROVOCATION AND WILL RIP OUT A TUNE AND A HALF IF YOU JUST LOOK AT IT .... Please visit the link below for more info on ''CURVE OF DESCENT' and RavenWestGuitar wishes Jeff much continued success!!

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