AARDVARK INVADERS and ARTIFICIAL EARTH is Jim Rustemeyer, with the help of a few friends. Jim plays guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboards, programs drums, and, when feeling particularly festive, vocals. Jim has been making music for more years than he would like to admit without an attorney present, mostly because his application to NASA was turned down since he often injured himself when using a handheld calculator, and his incessant complaints that pressure suits didn't come in plaid. The current Aardvark Invaders CD is to be called, "The Next Stunning Aardvark CD (since the title THONG WARS IN SPACE was already taken by some guy named Bill)" The new CD features guest musicians Nigel Potter, Mark Cloutier, Fungus/Dace, Pete Considine, Sly Puppy, Konstriktion, and Doctor Memory to name a few. Jim plays a RWG 570-KD

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