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Larry's Yamaha

This is my old man’s trusty 1983 465. He got this from a private party in 84. He cowtrailed on this Yamaha for thousands and thousands of miles, over the next 18 years, all over the California desert, until late 2002.

He never wanted another bike. ( And trust me, he could have had any bike he desired,). This ol Yamaha was fine with him. He just loved the ride. It carried him all over Cuddeback Gunnery Range, Around Fremont Peak On the “bike trail” most of us know and love so much.

It carried him out to the green hills and to the Indian writings and down “Go Fast Sandwash” and of course to the Husky Monument and down Bird Spring Canyon. It took him thru every riding area I can think of in those 18 years from beautiful Dove Springs to Jawbone to Calfornia City to the Panamints to the Mountains of Big Bear……he rode it nearly everywhere…

I remember driving down 395 with the Great Gary Preston a few years ago and he looked over at Fremont Peak and said to me “ No-one would even be riding there now if it was’nt for your Dad” in a kidding tone. I said “ What Gary??”

And he told me about the time they were coming down 395 from a Race in Dove Springs in late 59, early 1960 and my Old Man looks over at Fremont Peak and said to Gary “ I wonder what’s over there???”

The Next Weekend Gary said they went out and scouted the area, then a couple of weeks after that they came back out and laid out the first race ever held there, Complete with a Downhill called “Buzzards Flight” that was full of fresh Rocks and big boulders and was a hit with the racers.

I had heard my Dad mention this in passing once or twice in my life but for some reason until Gary mentioned it that day I never really had thought much about just how cool a story it was that he “ Wondered what was over there?? “ that day in 1959 lol…

And what an impact he had had, whether it be directly, or indirectly, on all of the family’s coming out to enjoy riding the CuddyBack area thru the years…..

I mean, everyone from Malcolm to almost anyone who rides off-road in So Cal has ridden or raced there at one time or another….and of course, it is home to the dear Husky Memorial.

Would the area have been discovered had my Old man not looked over there that day in 1959??? Oh yes, I’m sure years later it would have been….. But it would have been very different. Different Clubs laying out the courses, different Trails, It just would be “Different” than it is now…. Than the area we all know and love…..

But, I’m sure the different Fremont Peak would be fun too. Kind of a trip if you think about it, A “Simple Twist of Fate” as Bob Dylan once called it.

Of all the places my old man enjoyed Cowtrailing, he loved Fremont Peak the best, And thanks to him, I got to ride every square inch of the area while I followed his dust all those years. (smile ). The best memories of my life are of my Family camping in between the two dry lakes in the flats behind Fremont Peak in the late 60.s, early 70.s., 80.s and 90’s …

I hauled the 465 home this weekend from Hesperia in the 68 Ford pictured here. The old man bought the truck with his prize money from winning the Mexican 1000 overall in 1968. How cool is that?? Lol It has my Dad’s Brother’s 429 Thunderbird in it too. How cool is That??? Lol..

My Old man just loved this old Yamaha. And, as best as I can remember, it never once left him stranded out in the middle of the desert.

It served him well.

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