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Randy McCormick of the Randy Stephens Band

The Randy Stephens Band, aka RSB, is creating quite the ‘buzz’ around Sarasota and Florida’s west coast music scene. RSB has been touring vigorously throughout Florida, the South, and as far away as Northern California during the past few years.

Mr. Stephens on his bass player Mr. Randy McCormick ~~ "This man is a Florida native from St Pete who has played Bass guitar for a living his whole life. Randy is one of the best Bass players I have had the privilege of working with. He is a “feel” player like me, and we really read each other very well, and that happened immediately upon auditioning him. I am very pleased to have him on board and anyone who has ever heard Randy play will tell you he is a Monster player and a super nice guy too.”

RavenWestGuitar wishes Randy and the band much continued success!

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