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Dad won this Hare Scambles Overall on a 250cc Bultaco Pursang. If you look close you can see his throttle cable just above the tank, whipping around in the air. He had come off about 10 miles from the finish and broke it, tryed to fix it but could'nt so he tied it off and finished the race with the throttle stuck wide open! Ever the showman if he was in the mood, ( smile ) Dad came in to the finish line full throttle and layed it over in a controled slide right thru the middle of all the Lost Coyote's Finish crew and spectators at about 80 MPH lol. I was there and it was pretty funny!! and man, was he FLYING coming into the finish!!!

It was really something to see! Everyone just SCATTERED!! Dick Wright of Cycle News Called it a "Spectacular Full Bore Finish!!" LOL!!! This Picture was taken about 2 miles from the finish of the desert off-road race. The CN's artical for this race is in here too for those of you interested.

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