Rocktron Hush

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Unwanted noise is to be expected when playing a guitar through an amp, but that doesn't mean interference can't be minimized, as well as manipulated, by a guitar effect pedal to produce the desired sounds. Unwanted feedback, pickup buzz, and hiss are effectively wiped out by the Rocktron Hush. Delivering a powerful 65 dB of cleanup for unwanted noise, the Rocktron guitar effect pedal reduces noise without altering the original output from the guitar. The Rocktron Hush is encased in a sturdy, yet compact, chassis, this guitar effect pedal is designed to offer years of rugged performance while taking up a minimal amount of room on the pedal board. Use this Rocktron guitar effect pedal with other noisy units, such as vintage effects, distortion boxes, and wahs, to easily control the excess noise from them without ending the notes too early. With the sensitivity of the threshold knob, it's a simple matter of adjusting the filter on the Rocktron Hush to the guitarist's liking in order to obtain the desired sound effects.

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