RWG-590T SkyRanger

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Our 590T begins with a classic design and brings it up to date with elegant cosmetics and our most requested options. Though the single cut shape is a worldwide favorite, this guitar is light-years beyond it's original inspiration. The semi-hollow mahogany body is designed to deliver the best of both solid AND hollowbody attributes. The solid mahogany center section enhances sustain like a solid body while the hollow chambered side sections add a great warm acoustic resonance to the sound as well.

Rather than settle for a simple flat top, our incredibly figured Tiger or quilted maple top is arched and contoured and features two bound F-holes as well as full top binding. The FLAME on these has to seen to be believed, we're convinced that this line of guitars has the best looking tops we've ever offered! To enhance the sustain and tone of these great woods we've specified a rear loading-THROUGH BODY string anchorage that brings the strings up and over our ST-20 fully adjustible fixed bridge. At the other end of the string path we've used genuine Wilkinson tuners for rock solid tuning stability and ease.

The 22 fret, 25 1/2" scale, bolt-on, hard maple neck sports a solid Phenolic fingerboard with medium jumbo frets, beautiful blue pearl abalone crown inlays and our Beautiful Raven Logo at the octave position. The headstock features our inlaid blue pearl abalone logo. Obviously we didn't cut corners on the woods or construction quality, so a guitar this well made definitely needs some outstanding electronics and hardware, and here the 590T doesn't disappoint. One of our most often heard customer requests has been to offer a guitar with P90-style "soapbar" pickups. In designing the 590T we realized that this guitar was the perfect platform for a set of these great pickups Our "soapbar" pickups are great for those guitarists who want to keep the crisp bite and snap of single coils but want a bit more power and midrange growl. Often described as a midway tone between a single coil and full humbucker, soapbars have a distinct sound that fits just about any music genre you can imagine.

We've kept the controls simple with a single high quality volume and tone control. The three-way switch allows either pickup separately or both together for a variety of tones. All together, we believe the 590T is one of the best guitars we've ever offered. If you're looking for something different than the usual well-worn single coil or humbucker tones, and want a truly gorgeous and versatile guitar with it's own unique voice, than the 590T is exactly what you've been looking for.




PHENOLIC FRETBOARD ( Similar to Ebony but much Stronger and more stable )

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