RWG-570T SkyDiver

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Over the years, numerous companies have tried to update old designs and failed miserably. It's certainly not because these designs couldn't be improved, but rather because no one ever asked: "How do we make it better without changing the very things that made it great in the first place?" When we at RWG wanted to give players a superbly built guitar for the money, that's exactly what we asked. We answered it with the 570T, a guitar that retains the sweet tone, snap and bite, as well as superb playability and killer cosmetics, but added just the right modernized features to turn it into a rock monster!

Starting with the use of STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL MAHOGANY and SPALTED MAPLE for the body, we kept the Stinging treble bite while adding a solid mid-range, bigger and warmer bass and giving the 570T that crucial extra dimension of tone necessary for todays music. Coupled with our smooth-taper tone control, guitarists can dial in just the right amount of classic cutting treble, warm, rock inspired mid-range or twanging to thunderous lows! Perhaps the most radical departure is our use of NECK-THRU construction. One of the weaknesses of the guitars of the past was it's less-than-great sustain, making it terrific for country music's "chicken picking" but less useful for other music requiring long solid sustain. To get that coveted sustain we studied a few options but finally settled on a complete NECK-THRU design. As guitar makers everywhere know, NOTHING beats a NECK-THRU design for sustain! ALL tone generating parts are directly attached to or embedded right in the wood of the center NECK-THRU. From the tuners, nut, frets and fingerboard to the pickups, bridge and tailpiece, the string path works entirely on one unbroken vibrational plane. Constructing the neck and neck-thru of Nato (a species of Mahogany) assured that it matched the stunning Mahogany body in tone and great looks.

We retained the single coil pickups, hardware and control panel layout. The three-way switch, single volume and tone control are also faithful to past. The two single-coil vintage-voiced pickups keep the sound True and the beautiful Blue Pearl abalone Vine inlay adds just the right bit of Elegance to the 25 1/2" scale Phenolic Fingerboard. Top it all off with the absolutely gorgeous Raven Sharp Eye, Blue Pearl Abalone Headstock inlay, and who says you can't improve if you really put your mind to it ?

No one here at RWG!

So Check out the 570T!

570T SkyDiver:

Mahogany Body

Tiger Maple Amber Flame Top

Hard Maple Neck

PHENOLIC FRETBOARD ( Similar to Ebony but much Stronger and more stable )

Beautiful Blue Pearl Abalone Vine inlay

25 1/2 Scale

22 Medium Jumbo Frets

Hot P-90'S By G+B

12th Fret Blue Pearl Abalone "Raven in Flight Inlay"

"Raven Sharp Eye" Blue Pearl Abalone Headstock inlay

Genuine Grover Tuners

Real Quality Electric Guitars and Basses