Jinn is the mainstay for the Houston, Texas based cult dark metal band Drynwhyl, not only telling tales on his guitar but handling lead vocal duties as well.

"The Raven West 1000Q is my main axe in any situation because of its versatility and playability. Onstage, it is perfectly balanced and plays like a dream, and with the double locking Floyd trem, I never worry about it going out of tune, no matter how much I abuse it. This guitar can sing the sweetest cleans and roar the dirtiest riffs with jaw dropping ease. It's so easy to get any tone I want, especially with the H-S-H pickup configuration.

People have always stopped me whenever they see my guitar and are floored not only by the tone but the sheer beauty of it, from the sexy curves to the gorgeous quilted top, it's quite a breathtaking sight, especially if you're a lefty like me and all you ever get is black guitars that cost more than their right-handed counterparts. Raven West Guitars is one of the most helpful and honest guitar companies on the face of the planet. This is the place to go if you want the quality, looks and tone of that $2,000 axe you've been drooling over for a fraction of that price."

Watch out for Drynwhyl's upcoming release "Shades of Mourning" on Burnt Oak/Oak Knoll Productions in 2007!

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